Humpi Temples, Karnataka, India

So Hampi- the unusual village. There are incredible number of cultural monuments and temples located in.
In this page I will list a few of them: 
Temple Achyutaraya, 
Badawi Ling temple and Chandramauleshwara,
Raghunath Temple Malyavanta Swami.
Temple Malyavanta Raghunatha Swami is 3 km down the road. Its interior walls are decorated with interesting images of fish and sea creatures.
Hazara Rama Temple Complex: This ruined temple complex complex known with the murals of Hindu religion and well designed gardens. More the temple is known for its carvings and inscriptions described in the legend of Ramayana. It has about 1000 carved inscriptions, depicting the story of Ramayana.

Complex Krishna Temple. This temple complex was discovered by archaeologists in the past decade, and the restoration work it is still ongoing. The temple has a sacred tank or Pushkarani, located on the eastern side.

In Vittala Temple there is a stone Chariot.
This is perhaps the most famous and well known among the Hampi ruins. The iconic stone Chariot is a symbol of tourism in Karnataka. Recently, in the complex were installed spotlights that provide lighting at dusk, thus emphasize the grandeur of architecture.
In the temple are the famous musical pillars. The British wanted to find out the cause of this miracle, they cut two pillars, to check if something inside pillars which produce sound. They did not find anything except the hollow columns. 
On the road leading to the temple it was a market, where they sold horses. Even today we can see the ruins of the market on both sides of the road. The temple contains the image of the Persians selling horses.
Next of the temples: Sunni Muslim mosque,
Temple Preksha temple,
Saasivekaalu Ganesha.
Virupaksha Temple known as Pampavathi Temple is an ancient temple situated in the Hampi Bazaar. It is preceded by the foundation of Vijayanagar. The temple has a 160-foot (49 m) high tower in its entrance. Apart from Shiva, the temple complex also contains shrines Bhuvaneshwari and Pampa erotic statues.


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